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Breakup Bootcamp Wellness Retreat
June 2017

Going through a breakup?  Or have you experienced emotional stress from a heartache that hasn’t fully healed? Our breakup bootcamp will immerse you in an intense and spiritual program designed to heal the heart and help you gain your personal power back.

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The Experience

The Retreat

Bridging the gap between science and spirituality, our program is designed to create a positive momentum for healing and leave you feeling empowered and renewed. Our retreat will be held in early June 2017 and will be hosted in a beautiful farm located in the Hudson Valley.


Luxury accommodations for two nights

Nutritious meals will be cooked daily by an on-site chef using organic and local ingredients 

Group therapy / discussions led by globally-acclaimed psychologist and mind-hacker who specializes in rewiring the subconscious brain

Daily meditation and yoga classes

Guided visual hypnosis sessions

Various exercises throughout the weekend to help with detaching and healing

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