Amy Chan

Amy is the founder of Renew. She came up with the concept after a traumatizing breakup five years ago and was searching for a getaway that could help her heal from her heartbreak. She is also the Chief Executive Storyteller of – a online magazine that focuses on the psychology behind lust, love and desire. The Observer refers to her work as “that of a scientific Carrie Bradshaw.” She has been a relationship and dating columnist for a decade and her work has been published in various notable publications, including The Huffington Post, Yahoo, xoJane, Elite Daily, Darling Magazine, Verily, Thought Catalog and the 24 Hours Newspaper.

Dr. Naomi Arbit, Ph.D.

Dr. Arbit is a positive psychologist with a PHD in behavioral nutrition. Her expertise comes from comes from her academic and research background in positive psychology, behavioral nutrition, bioethics and exercise physiology, complemented by her training in and experience with teaching yoga and mindful self-compassion. Dr. Arbit has spent several years conducting research and counseling patients in the Integrative Medicine unit of Columbia University Medical Center and Pediatric Oncology.

Dr. Lana B. Morrow, Ph.D

Dr. Morrow is an award winning cognitive neuroscientist, earning a doctoral degree in cognitive neuroscience from La Sapienza University. She received further training in Clinical Neuropsychology at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Referred to as a “Dopamine Expert” she has over 20 years experience treating patients with neurobiological issues and is an expert in brain mapping. She has pioneered a revolutionary technology that enables patients to naturally increase dopamine production in their brains, creating new neural pathways for lasting positive change.

Trish Barillas

Trish has been a life coach for over a decade and a facilitator of positive change specializing in Anxiety, Breakups and rebuilding one’s personal power. She graduated from Hofstra University with a B.A. in Psychology and received her Life Coaching Master’s Certification at NYU. She is also the Author of A Face of Anxiety – an autobiography of her  journey living with Anxiety Disorder.

Gina Marie

Gina Marie is a relationship and sex coach, healing arts practitioner and facilitator of sacred rituals. She holds a BA in Cultural studies from the University of New Mexico, a certification in holistic health from the Integrative school of Nutrition in New York and has over 20 years of research and teaching experience in the areas of  tantra, reiki, somatics, sacred sexuality and emotional cord cutting.

Maria Soledad

Maria Soledad is trained in psychomagic and metagenealogy, a healing modality that examines one’s family’s psychological heritage to heal limiting patterns of behavior inherited from our ancestry. This methodology is used to recognize all the conditioning buried deep in our unconscious mind. It’s purpose is to stop the transmission of familial patterns and remove the blockages that prevents one from creating the life and love they desire.

Chef Erika Laurion

Erika has a Masters degree from the Institute of Human Nutrition at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. She is certified by the Board for Nutrition Specialists and consults luxury eco-travel destinations to design bespoke culinary experiences.

Erika’s cuisine is inspired by her Swiss and French Canadian roots and is manifested in her passion for nutritious and delicious locally sourced ingredients. The resulting gourmet meals combine exquisite presentation, with flavorful and nutritious dishes, allowing guests to enjoy an epicurean experience that transports them far beyond simply “healthy” food.

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