Amy Chan

Amy is the Founder of Renew. She came up with the concept after a traumatizing breakup seven years ago and was searching for a getaway that could help her heal from her heartbreak. She is also the Chief Executive Storyteller of – an online magazine that focuses on the psychology behind lust, love and desire. The Observer refers to her work as “that of a scientific Carrie Bradshaw.”

Elaina Zendegui, PSY.D

Dr. Zendegui holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Rutgers University. She is a licensed clinical psychologist who is passionate about teaching evidence-based strategies for coping with stress and transition. With expertise in cognitive behavioral and mindfulness-based therapies, she helps clients learn concrete skills to make lasting and transformational changes. She is actively involved in research and has had her work published in several academic journals.

Colette Pervette, PH.D

Colette is an educatrix. She is a professional dominatrix, where she has been practicing the art of intimacy and power exchange for over 13 years. She holds a PhD in education from UC Berkeley, where her research focuses on conceptual change. Colette will guide a session on unlocking the application of power dynamics. And she will teach you how to ‘channel your inner Domme‘ so you can live, love and connect from a place of power.

Trish Barillas

Trish has been a life coach for over a decade and a facilitator of positive change specializing in anxiety and breakups. She graduated from Hofstra University with a B.A. in Psychology and received her Life Coaching Master’s Certification at NYU. She is also the author of A Face of Anxiety – an autobiography of her journey living with anxiety disorder.

Gina Marie

Gina Marie is a tantra and sex coach, healing arts practitioner and facilitator of sacred rituals. She holds a BA in Cultural studies from the University of New Mexico, a certification in holistic health from the Integrative school of Nutrition in New York and has over 20 years of research and teaching experience in the areas of  tantra, reiki, somatics, sacred sexuality and emotional cord cutting.

Chef Erika Laurion

Erika has a Masters degree from the Institute of Human Nutrition at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. She is certified by the Board for Nutrition Specialists. Erika uses organic and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and nourishes Renew guests with an epicurean experience that transports them far beyond simply “healthy” food.

Adah Frank

Adah has over 25 years of experience using movement as a therapeutic tool to help clients move anger, depression and anxiety through and out of the body. Her class will utilize  techniques derived from sacred and secular Caribbean and African movement techniques. Adah is also a certified divorce mediator.

Stephanie Kristal

Stephanie Kristal, M.A, CHt. has over 30 years of experience in the field of mental health with a private practice in Counseling and Transpersonal and Medical Hypnotherapy.  Through her breakthrough techniques using hypnosis, she guides clients to release their old subconscious programming; reclaim their power and move towards creating the life and relationships they desire. 

Taryn Kristal

A former Renew alumni, Taryn has used her breakup as a catalyst to help other women through their healing process. As the Community Heart Hacker at Renew, Taryn’s focus is to ensure guests are happy and comfortable during the retreat, and organizes post-retreat communications and community building amongst Renew alumni.

Dannah Chaifetz

Dannah is the Staff Intuitive at some of the most prestigious spiritual centers in the United States including The Omega Institute and The Menla Mountain Retreat Center (owned by Dalai Lama’s organization).  She has a degree in Psychology and extensive training in Advanced Mediumship, Past Life Regression and intuitive training.


Nicole Boyar

A former Renew alumni, Nicole is a mentor who helps women identify unhealthy addictions, and move from love addicted to love connected. After deep diving into her personal journey healing from love addiction and inspired by Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Nicole uses mindfulness and embodiment techniques to guide people to replace addictive love habits.


Alyce Chan

Research shows that humor therapy is effective in relieving emotional distress by decreasing stress hormones and triggering the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Alyce Chan, a stand up comedian who’s performed around the world from the Comedy Cellar, Caroline’s, to Broadway Comedy Club, will be performing at Renew.


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